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Chapter: Telephony Systems. Section: Outage Probability
Also related to Chapter: Wireless Channels. Section: Shadowing, Multiple lognormal signals.

Comprehensive Outage Probability Calculator

This Special Purpose Embedded Calculator considers Rayleigh fading, shadowing, discontinuous transmission, man made (burst or impulsive) noise and multipath self interference (intersymbol interference). The internal calculation method is based on Laplce images of pdf's of interference power.

Outage Probability

Input parameters:

Receiver threshold dB
Shadowing depth s dB
Number of interfering signals users
Speech activity, DTX  
Area-mean C/I power
(per interfering signal)
Area-mean C/N
Thermal noise only
Man made noise
noise figure
dB above thermal
mm noise burst factor, A  
Multipath self interference:  


Outage Probability  

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For Rician fading, check our SPEC.

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