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Chapter: Wireless Channels
Section: Multipath Fading, Rician fading, Rician distribution

Distribution of Signal Strength for Rician Fading

Expressed in terms of the local-mean power and the Rician K-factor, the pdf of the signal amplitude becomes

This Special Purpose Embedded Calculator calculates the distribution, i.e., the pdf integrated from zero to a thrshold value. This presents the probability that a signal amplitude drops below that threshold value.

Outage Probability for Rician Fading

Input parameters:

K factor
Power in LOS divided by
scattered power.
Fade Margin
LOS+scattered power divided by
minimum required power (threshold).


Outage Probability  

For the evaluation of cellular networks, see also the comprehensive SPEC for outage probabilities with Rayleigh fading, shadowing, interference, and man-made noise.

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