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Chapter: Network Concepts and Standards. Section: Data and Multimedia Systems

DSRC Dedicated Short-Range Communications

Contributed by Christian Wietfeld, Siemens and R.W.T.H. Aachen.

DSRC (Dedicated-Short Range Communication) systems have been developed and standardised by CEN in the context of Road Traffic & Transport Telematics RTTT.

Photo: Bosch Telekom experimenting with short range communication between road side and vehicles.

In order to increase the efficiency and safety of the road traffic, new concepts and technologies for a future Integrated Road Transport Environment (IRTE) have been developed and tested in national and international Research & Development Programmes, such as the Telematics Application Programme in Europe and ITS in North America. Wide-range communication system (e.g. based on RDS/TMC and GSM) as well as short-range vehicle-roadside systems are considered. Many ITS- applications require an extremely high system reliability, particularly those having an impact on safety (such as automatic cruise control) and those related to financial transactions and privacy (Automatic Fee Collection). The radio links and communication protocols have to operate reliably even under conditions with multipath propagation, shadow fading, impulsive noise and interference.

This section covers the following aspects:

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