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Dusan Matic's biography

      Dusan Matic


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Dusan Matic is currently a research assistant in the  Telecommunication and traffic-control systems   group of Faculty of electrical engineering
within  Delft university of technology, the Netherlands.
He has started his Ph.D. program within Mobile Multimedia Communication (MMC)  project in  April 1996 and should get his degree in April 2000.
His mentors are Prof. Dr. Frits Schoute and Prof. Dr. Ramjee Prasad.
Mr. Matic's research interests are in the areas of  60 GHz propagation measurements and modelling, OFDM modulation technique, multiple user access, ....

In 1995, he received his B.S. degree from  Faculty of electrical engineering, Belgrade university, Yugoslavia   


Research description:

General description:

Research of a new modulation technique which will enable mobile multimedia communication. That means high bit-rates and QoS guarantees supported. Since this requirement is asking for a lot of (available) bandwidth, the carrier frequency has to be in mm-range.

Targets of the MMC project are transmission speed of 155 Mb/s and a carrier of 60 GHz. OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) modulation technique is a very promising candidate to overcome all the effects of the harsh mobile environment. First, measurements had to be conducted in order to get reliable information on propagation characteristics. This data was used for making a channel model. This model is going to be used in optimizing various OFDM parameters. Also, the multiple user access for OFDM is going to be accessed.

Educational task(s):  mentoring of faculty students

Selected Publications:

Contribution to this CD-ROM, Introduction to OFDM, 1999.

"Measurements of the indoor spatial distribution of the radio-field level for mm waves in the range of 60 GHz",
D. Matic, H. Harada, H. Reijmers, T. Ueno and R. Prasad,
Proc. IEEE fifth symposium on communications and vehicular technology in the Benelux, p. 82-88,
Oct. 13-15,1997. Enschede, The Netherlands, ISBN 90-365-10570

"Indoor and outdoor frequency domain measurements for mm waves in the range of 60 GHz",
D. Matic, H. Harada and R. Prasad, Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC), May '98, Ottawa

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