How to use the applet

How to code a message:
1. Enter the message in the message field, and the generator polynomial matrix in the generator polynomial field, each of its rows separated by a semicolon (don't forget to terminate the last rows with a semicolon too).
2. Press the code button.

How to put errors in the coded sequence:
1. Once that you have coded your message, the channel field will become editable, full with zeros. Replace the 0 with a 1 at every position where you want to put an error.
2. Press the start decoding  button.

How to decode the sequence step by step:
1. Once that you have coded your message, and pressed the start decoding  button, simply press the next step button as many times you want.

How to insert new bits in the sequence being decoded:
1. Select the advanced user  checkbox.
2. Press the next step  button util the decoder tells you that " You can now insert bits". This will happen each time that every states of a step have been computed.
3. Press the input zero or input one buttons to input the bits you want. You will see them in the current bits field. You have to enter the right number of bits until the decoder lets you continue the decoding procedure (n bits for a decoder with a 1/n code rate).
4. Press the next step  button to go on.

How to finish a decoding procedure:
1. Once that you have started decoding, you can finish the operation at any time (you don't have to wait until the entire sequence is decoded) by pressing the finish button. The whole trellis is then displayed and the optimal path is drawn in red.